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April 10, 2017

Action Alerts - Title II Funding & School Arrest Legislation


It is critical that you contact your congressional representatives to let them know that you oppose President Trump's budget proposal and tell them to support funding for Title II, Part A of ESSA.

ACTION: Send a message to your members of Congress today

ACTION: Share stories of how Title II dollars are used in your district with Kelly Pollitt at and


Senate Bill 704 prohibits student arrests for offenses that occur during school hours on school grounds, in school vehicles, or at school sanctioned events or activities, with four exceptions. We feel this bill creates a double-standard for criminal behavior and violates the rights of crime victims. More information about SB 704 can be found here.

ACTION: Call your Senator today to vote no on SB 704

Spotlight on the Statehouse


The Illinois Senate and House are on a scheduled two-week break and will return to Springfield on Monday, April 24th. Now is the perfect time to contact your local legislators with this list of bills that the Alliance and IPA have opposed. Many of the bills below would result in unfunded mandates on schools and school districts. Please contact Alison Maley at with any questions and find your local legislator here.

Bills of concern:

  • HB 1252 (Lilly) - Requires a unit of instruction on civics in grades 6-8 for every public elementary school.
  • HB 2949 (Conyears-Ervin) - Requires a 20 minute "active break" for all students in grades kingergarten through 5. The break shall include unstructured play and may include organized games. 
  • HB 2977 (Welch) - Requires every public elementary school and high school to include a unit of instruction on cursive writing.
  • HB 3215 (Wallace) - Requires a school district to make feminine hygiene products available, at no cost to students, in bathrooms of school buildings.
  • HB 3260 (D. Harris) - Requires school boards to develop a policy for determining classroom placement of children from the same family in the same grade at school. The policy shall allow the parent or legal guardian's preference to be a determinative factor. 
  • HB 3371 (Sims) - Mandates that the required training in suicide awareness and prevention techniques shall last at least 2 hours. 
  • HB 3792 (Lilly) - Requires each school district to require that all students in 6th grade receive education in work ethics, including learning how to be reliable, professional, positive, take initiative, respect authority, and have integrity.
  • HB 3869 (Wallace) - Requires in-service training for school personnel to include training to develop cultural competency, including understanding and reducing implicit bias. 
  • SB 704 (Lightford) - Prohibits student arrests or criminal citations during school hours while on school grounds, in school vehicles, or at school activities or sanctioned events with few exceptions. (See action alert above.)
  • SB 1223 (Lightford) - Requires a school district to develop policy that allows for accelerated placement including: an assessment process that includes multiple valid and reliable indicators; a written plan to include the type of acceleration the student will undergo and strategies to support a successful transition. School districts would also be required to report the number of students evaluated and qualified for accelerated placement, disaggregated by race, income status, and type of placement.
  • SB 1483 (Althoff) - Shortens the timeline for parent or student requests to inspect and copy student records from 15 school days to 5 business days. 



The Illinois House of Representatives passed what is being described as a "lifeline" budget last Thursday. House Bill 109 (Harris, D-Chicago) was passed mainly along party lines with 64 in favor. HB 109 would provide $800 million in funding to social service providers and higher education. Read more here.


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