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June 1, 2021


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Session Continues...


May 31st came and went and the General Assembly continued working past midnight. After May 31, bills with an immediate effective date require a three-fifths supermajority vote. The House passed both the FY22 budget and the Budget Implementation Bill (BIMP) shortly before midnight, and the Senate passed the bills with the required supermajority after 1 a.m. In a procedural move however, Senate President Harmon filed a motion to reconsider the budget vote. The "brick" on the budget could be lifted once other items, such as subsidies for nuclear power companies, come to a final negotiating point. 


Other action on Monday included an ethics reform package impacting lawmakers and lobbyists, legislation allowing college athletes to sign endorsements, trailer legislation to the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus criminal justice package, and many other issues that have been negotiated and debated throughout the spring session. 


The chambers are still expected to take up heavily negotiated issues such as an elected Chicago school board and subsidies for nuclear power company Exelon in the coming days. For now, the Senate resumes action today (June 1) and the House has adjourned to the call of the chair and could return to Springfield at any time. 



FY2022 Budget and BIMP


Senate Bill 2017 - Budget Implementation Bill - Among other provisions, lifts the 6% pension cap for any earnings increase resulting from extra duties performed in an academic year following a school year in which the employer was unable to offer or allow to be conducted extra duties due to an emergency declaration limiting such activities.


Senate Bill 2800 contains the Fiscal Year 2022 budget. Highlights include:


  • $350 million to support Evidence Based Funding
  • $1.8 million for Principal Mentoring and Recruitment

Bills Passed Both Houses


Elections Omnibus (High School Voter Registration)

Senate Bill 825 - This elections omnibus bill includes a requirement of the State Board of Elections to prepare voter registration information to be disseminated to high school students. Every high school must provide students with the information, which may be shared electronically. Prohibits high schools from prohibiting nonpartisan voter registration activities on its premises. High schools may adopt reasonable regulations restricting voter registration activities. 


Menstrual Hygiene Products Gr. 4-12

House Bill 156 - Provides that menstrual hygiene products shall be made available in bathrooms of every school building that are open for student use in grades 4 through 12 during the regular school day (rather than in each bathroom of every school building).


Unused Food Sharing

Senate Bill 805 - Requires school districts to establish a food sharing plan for unused food with a focus on needy students. Provides that each school district shall incorporate the plan into its local wellness policy. 


Asian American History

House Bill 376 - Requires every public elementary school and high school to include in its curriculum a unit of instruction studying the events of Asian American history.


Supports for Students Who Are Parents, Expectant Parents, or Victims of Domestic or Sexual Violence

House Bill 3223 - Requires school districts to provide various services and supports to students who are parents, expectant parents, or victims of sexual or domestic violence (synopsis here).

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