Advocacy in Action (8/9/19)

By Alison Maley posted 08-09-2019 16:42


August 9, 2019

Alliance Report 101-22

The summer months are typically slow for legislative activity. The legislature adjourned at the beginning of June and does not return until October 28. Governor JB Pritzker quickly signed into law the bills that established the Fiscal Year 2020 state budget, and now is acting upon other pieces of legislation.


All bills that have been approved by the legislature have been sent to the governor. The governor has 60 days to act on those measures. Expect gubernatorial action to sign or veto legislation until August 27, when the 60 day clock runs out for the latest bills sent.


School board members and administrators are encouraged to review the and the governor about pending legislation affecting your schools, students, staff, and community.


New Laws

: Removes the basic skills assessment for licensure requirements for all ISBE-issued licenses. Allows school districts to provide a salary to a student teacher employed by the district. Effective immediately. ( for a fact sheet.)


: Allows any student with a qualified health care action plan to self-administer any medication required under those plans if the student’s parent/guardian provides the district with written permission and written authorization from the student’s physician, physician’s assistant, or advanced practice registered nurse for the student to self-administer. Effective immediately.


: Creates the “Seizure Smart School Act” to require delegated care aides and seizure action plans for students with Epilepsy. Requires mandated training on the basics of seizure recognition and first aid for all school employees. Effective July 1, 2020.


2019 Principal for a Day

Illinois Principals Association invites you to participate in the

2019 "Principal for a Day" with local legislators


“Principal For A Day” provides opportunities for principals and administrators to build and refine relationships with their local legislators.


Participation in this program involves principals and school leaders hosting members of the Illinois General Assembly and members of Congress to interact with staff and students.



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