Advocacy in Action (5/20/20) - Contact GA Members on Time Out and Restraint

By Alison Maley posted 06-08-2020 11:36


May 20, 2020

Action Alert - Contact GA Members on Time Out & Restraint

As Illinois legislators come back to Springfield, some legislators would like to see time out and physical restraint included in an omnibus bill related to the budget and a COVID-19 relief package.


IPA is partnering with the Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education to send messages to legislators in Springfield that we oppose the inclusion of the time out and physical restraint language because of the following issues:


  • It contains several requirements related to debriefing meetings beyond what is required in rule.
  • Instead of relieving burden, it adds the burden of requiring ISBE to develop goals within 90 days of the effective date for the reduction of isolated time out, time out, and physical restraint within 3 years.
  • It may allow for third party oversight of restraint and time out even in situations where this is being managed appropriately.
  • It adds confusing rules and definitions to restraint and time out to the definitions that are inconsistent with current state rules and federal data collection measures.

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