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Meet the Candidates; Legally Speaking with Brian Schwartz

By PrinciPal Connection posted 03-14-2015 15:53

March 13, 2015
Volume 3 - Issue 34

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Meet the Candidates for IPA President-Elect


The election for IPA President-Elect will take place from Wednesday, March 18th through Wednesday, March 25th.  Per the IPA Constitution, eligible IPA Members may run for a state office upon nomination by an IPA State Director at the first regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting of the calendar year.  IPA President-Elect is the only open office in 2015.


On March 18th, eligible IPA voting members will receive an email with instructions about how to access the online ballot.  Please direct questions to Lynne Woodrum, IPA Executive Assistant, at


Candidates for IPA President-Elect are:



Kathy Clark, Principal/Assistant Superintendent

Lincoln Elementary School, Pittsburg

Shawnee Region

Read Candidate's Bio






Paula Crane, Principal

Westview Elementary School, Fairbury

Corn Belt Region

Read Candidate's Bio

 Legally Speaking

Brian Schwartz


In this month's Legally Speaking, get the latest on the pension reform lawsuit, find new guidance on student graduation requirements, and learn about "reasonable accommodations" under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Read now.


Welcome New IPA Members
(Please take a moment to welcome new IPA Members by sending them an email.  Start by clicking their name.)
North Cook Region
Brenda Stolle, Chicago
South Cook Region
Three Rivers Region
Margaret Detwiler, Warrenville
Ed News, Research, and Blogs


Is the job of the school principal becoming too complex?

The role of the school principal has evolved substantially over the past 50 years. The principal was initially expected simply to manage a school with a focus on providing a safe, clean learning environment for students and teachers. The principal was also tasked with ensuring the school was fully staffed and the employees paid. Academic expectations were minimal and relegated to those few students who were college bound (Catano and Stronge, 2007). This picture has changed dramatically as additional responsibilities have been assigned to the principal: technology, data analysis, higher standards, high-stakes testing, student discipline, and ever-increasing numbers of non-teaching personnel to supervise (Richmond, 2014; Robinson, 2007). This data-mining item examines the 2013 Markow, Macia, and Lee analysis of teacher and principal views on the responsibilities and challenges facing school leaders. Read more from the Wing Institute.


Black males and graduation 

(Courtesy of LAEP)

A new report from the Schott Foundation for Public Education finds the latest estimates for high school graduation rates are 59 percent for black males, 65 percent for Latino males, and 80 percent for white, non-Latino males. Since the foundation's 2012 report, the graduation gap between black and white males has increased from 18 to 21 percentage points (2012-2013). New Jersey and Tennessee are the only states with significant black-male enrollment to have black-male graduation rates above 70 percent. Maine's rate is highest (90 percent), while Nevada's is lowest for both black (40 percent) and Latino (44 percent) males. The report confirms higher out-of-school suspension rates for black males, despite no evidence of greater school misbehavior, and lower Advanced Placement enrollment, with less access to AP courses in schools that serve more black students. Gaps for reading and math proficiency between black and white males nationally are 26 percentage points for 8th grade reading and 32 percentage points for 8th grade mathematics (2013). Towards a remedy, the report proposes consistent state and local reporting of graduation rates, disaggregated by race and gender; student-centered educational programs that align academic, social, and health support systems; a moratorium on out-of-school suspensions, which disproportionately affect black and Latino students; and more private-sector programs and community networks to prepare low-income youth for professional success. Read more.

The Power of Hope 

NAESP President Mark J. White reflects on optimism in the principalship. Read more.


PARCC Update and Tips

What to do in the case of an incorrect accommodation delivery issue (PARCC Computer-Based)

Please see attached document for information on how to handle a missing or incorrect accommodation delivery issue.  This document includes information on voiding a test if necessary.  All users with the role of LEA/District Test Coordinator have been given the Student Test Update Role which allows for the voiding of tests.


Marking Tests Complete (PARCC Computer-Based)

It is important that districts do not mark a student's test as complete until they are absolutely sure this is the correct action.  The only reason this would be done is if the student wouldn't submit the test on his or her own (because of a transfer, refusal, incorrect test assignment, incorrect accommodation, etc.).  If a student is marked complete erroneously, the district will have to fax a request to the state offices for them to unsubmit the student tests.


Reason Not Tested in PearsonAccess Next (PARCC Computer-Based)

When marking a test complete in PearsonAccess Next (please refer to "Marking Tests Complete" above), the system will require a reason to be entered in an open-ended field.  Though it is required to complete the action, this reason will not be reported as the official reason.  The official reason not tested will be indicated during the ISBE corrections window.  Districts should enter a clear, logical explanation in this field for organizational purposes.


Quick Tips for PARCC Test Administrators

PARCC has developed a document based on the most frequently asked questions posed to their Support Center.  You can find it here. 




Illinois Retired Teachers Association

The IPA will pay retired members' dues for IRTA during the duration of the retired individuals' membership with IPA.  According to IPA Executive Director Jason Leahy, "The IPA is pleased to have the opportunity to provide this additional benefit to our retired members.  The IPA has always viewed IRTA as a close partner.  The joint membership offers both organizations the opportunity to strengthen our relationship particularly where pension related matters are concerned."  Please contact Lisa Thoele , IPA Membership Coordinator, with questions.  Visit here to learn more about the Illinois Retired Teachers Association

Mentoring Minds

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