Front Porch Initiative My Story Project

By PrinciPal Connection posted 08-10-2017 17:26

The following is a guest post from David LaFrance of the Front Porch Initiative:

We all have a story. The 
My Story project from the Front Porch Initiative is a resource to move our relationships forward and connect all students, staff, and families. Grow our true community. As an administrator and teacher I believe building relationships with our students and staff are essential for creating community and allowing meaningful learning to take place. Our students and staff were immediately on-board and wholeheartedly embraced the crafting and sharing of their life stories. The sharing time brought insightful conversations that embodied beginnings, challenges, hope, and future. Each student opened doors to light that we may not have known previously. Our teachers and students now know the hearts of their students and classmates better, which has enabled educators to better teach and guide students with love.
We are all grateful by the impact of this program in our students, staff, and families. It has enhanced a sense of community and care that is vital in our schools. Our school is a place where students show empathy, receive acceptance, and experience belonging in ways they may not have anywhere else. The My Story project embodies essential principles of community, care, and love by honoring each person and their story. I highly recommend using the My Story platform in schools to build conversations, commonality, and community that allows for relationship building among everyone through genuine acts of storytelling, listening, and love.

Here are all the resources.