IPA PrinciPal: IPA Talk - Veto Session and Special Ed Case Law

By PrinciPal Connection posted 12-01-2017 14:35

IPA Talk


IPA's Jason Leahy, Alison Maley and Brian Schwartz discuss property tax legislation, the teacher/substitute shortage, new education-related case laws and more in the latest edition of IPA Talk. Make sure you don't miss any IPA Talks, or other great videos on IPA's YouTube channel. Subscribe to the IPA channel today!

Principal's Calendar Monthly Reflection: December

To help you keep a handle on what you are responsible for, a group of committed IPA members and staff created The Principal’s Calendar (available for IPA Members). At the end of every month we will be sharing out the reflection you should be considering for the upcoming month. The reflections will center around attributes outlined in the School Leader Paradigm. The Principal's Calendar is sponsored by Stifel.


This month's featured attribute is:

Relational: Interacts with people in ways that fulfill their physical, psychological, social, and emotional needs.


Read the full reflection for December here.

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School fees

Does anyone have a method for encouraging families to pay registration fees? I am at an elementary school, so withholding extracurricular activities is not an option. We have a letter we send home, but beyond that we have little response. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


Discipline Training

I recently attended the best training I've ever had for discipline. Larry Thompson is the trainer for Responsibility-Centered Discipline. I was so impressed, I immediately returned to school to figure out how to bring him to our district. He will present our full-day institute on January 5th, and all of K-12, including paras, will be attending. I truly see this as a game changer!


Activity Funds and Purchase Orders

We are in the process of revamping our written policy on purchase orders from activity funds. I'm interested in any language some of you may have in your policies. We are a small K-12 district but we have numerous activity funds and we are trying to clean things up and protect our coaches and sponsors a little better. Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving!


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Awards for Excellence


Nominations are open for Elementary Principal of the Year, Middle School Principal of the Year, High School Principal of the Year, and Assistant Principal of the Year. Nominations are due to your region director by November 30, however each region has the autonomy to establish alternate timelines. Please contact your region leaders for specific information regarding award schedules in your region. Criteria and application forms can be found here.

On The Profession


The benefits of student feedback are deep and wide — but not always recognized. Students have a comprehensive view of how their teachers educate and motivate. Student evaluations can be collected cheaply, quickly, and regularly, giving teachers the opportunities to make real-time adjustments to their teaching. Teachers may actually learn about their students from feedback questionnaires, too — how they learn, whom they know well in the class, and with whom they work best. Read the full post from NAESP here.

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Standard For Success

The IPA is partnering with Standard For Success, an online customizable teacher & employee evaluation system, that was created by Educators for Educators to help with the evaluation and management of employee evaluations. Its brand is built on high-quality customer support and helping to make evaluations Simple and Meaningful. Learn more.