Add Your School’s Afterschool Programs to the Afterschool Map and Database

By PrinciPal Connection posted 02-08-2018 10:44

The following is a guest blog post from ACT Now:

Afterschool Map

Afterschool for Children and Teens Now (ACT Now) is a statewide coalition that advocates for greater access to quality and affordable afterschool programs. We have just launched an afterschool map and database. 

We saw that there was a need for a map because afterschool in Illinois is really fragmented.  Unless there is a direct connection, policymakers, community members, and out-of-school time programs do not always know where other programs are located. This makes it harder to coordinate the field, share resources, and advocate.

Our afterschool map is the first statewide database for out-of-school time programs.  ACT Now will use this information to define the afterschool landscape for policymakers, help to better connect programs to one another, help community members to find programs in their area, and help to better target resources to communities in need. 

You can add the programs in your school to the map at, or you can forward this information to the leaders of the activities in your building and ask them to add their information.  Any programs that serve school-age youth outside of school hours qualify.  Programs can be limited to just students that attend your school and do not have to meet daily.

Please contact Susan Stanton, ACT Now Network Lead, with any questions at