December Attribute: You Matter

By PrinciPal Connection posted 12-03-2018 09:57


The following is was written by@Jason Leahy in lieu of a monthly attribute for December in the Principal's Calendar

Since we are half-way through the school year, I thought we would deviate from our routine of offering a reflection of a key leadership attribute to remind you that YOU MATTER!  Here’s why:

You provide the safest place some kids will every know.

You are a parent, counselor, and friend to children who have none.

You make sure your students have the best teachers possible.

You make and stand behind tough decisions.

You work to provide shoes, gloves, coats and supplies for kids whose families cannot afford them.

You work to challenge and assist both students and adults to perform at a high level.

You mold, shape, and weave the very fabric of our society by the work you do with children every day.  Our way of life and future depends on you.

You provide HOPE.  Hope for those who thirst for it. Hope that uplifts.  Hope that encourages.  Hope that helps the hopeless make it for just one more day.

There is little doubt that you have one of the hardest jobs anywhere.  But always remember, it is the hard that makes the job great, worthwhile , and meaningful.  If it were easy, anyone could do it.  Heed these words from Teddy Roosevelt.  "No one who lived a life of ease was every worth remembering."


So as we head into the holidays, I hope you are able to rest, rejuvenate for the second half of the school year, and be encouraged by the fact that you and your leadership matters.​