February's Attribute: Guiding

By PrinciPal Connection posted 01-24-2019 09:04


Featured Attribute

Guiding – Acts as a trusted adviser, drawing from personal experience and expertise to offer guidance and support.


Associated Competency

Capacity Building – Employs leadership knowledge and skills necessary to enable the school to make better use of its intellectual and social capital, in order to adopt high-leverage strategies of teaching and learning.


Associated Intelligence

Social Intelligence – A set of interpersonal competencies that inspire others to be effective.


For Your Reflection

Charlie Cass, Principal, Central Junior High School, West Frankfort, Egyptian, Region

Throughout history, storytelling has been used to transmit culture and values.  We can use storytelling in school leadership to do the same.  Using stories to guide and inspire your teaching staff is a great way support them and communicate your vision for the building.   Take a look at these quick reads to get a good idea of how different types of leaders use storytelling in their organizations.

How companies use storytelling.

Tips for being a great storytelling leader.

The reflective storytelling process.

Five ways teacher leaders use storytelling.


To Keep You Thinking
You have probably told some stories to your staff and probably on a regular basis.  Did you do this to entertain or to motivate?

At an in-service, challenge your staff to tell their stories.  You would be shocked at what you learn and how badly they want to be great leaders of children.

Think about the last time a staff member sought you out for guidance.  You probably told a related story to help encourage them.  Did you ever feel that this was a leadership strategy?