Micro-Credential Opportunity to Pilot Educational Leadership Micro-Credentials Developed by IPA and its State Partners

By Susan Homes posted 01-10-2019 09:04

Over the past two years, IPA has partnered with seven other states to develop a research-based, comprehensive micro-credential program. In October, a number of individuals from Illinois and Wisconsin were recognized at the Education Leaders Fall Conference for earning the very first micro-credential published (Collaborative Leadership Coaching) via the ELN platform. State Superintendent Tony Smith also recognized our work in an edition of his weekly newsletter late last spring. Another state association, IASBO, has partnered with IPA to develop and deliver micro-credentials via the ELN platform.

Below is a list of micro-credentials developed/under-development and their current status:

  • Collaborative Leadership Coaching - available on ELN
  • Reflective Leadership Coaching - currently in pilot (3 pilot spots open)
  • Directive Leadership Coaching - currently in pilot (13 pilot spots open)
  • Communication Standards (pilot spots open; pilot to begin in mid February)
  • Educational Advocate (pilot spots open; pilot to begin in mid February)
  • Communication Structures (pilot spots open; pilot to begin in mid February)
  • Personal Communicator (3 pilot spots open; pilot to begin in mid February)
  • Currently in pilot (full)
As a pilot participant for a micro-credential, you have the opportunity to complete the assessment and earn the digital badge free of charge. 

If you are interested in piloting any of the above micro-credentials (with spots still available) or wish to receive more details or be considered for future pilot opportunities, please email me as soon as possible (sue@ilprincipals.org).

Our Micro-credential development team is working with content experts from across the country to develop a full series of micro-credentials (21 stacks are already planned). IASBO also has numerous stacks in the planning and development stages. 

Our work has drawn the attention of state and national associations across the country. Our micro-credential program design is based on the Learning Forward Standards. Our content development follows an extensive literature review and is grounded in the following frameworks/standards:
  • Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL)
  • The School Leader Paradigm
  • Illinois Professional School Leader Standards
We invite you to join us in truly personalizing your learning and promoting your skill competency via digital badges. You'll also earn professional development credit!

The Credentialed Leader
written by Dr. Susan Homes
Publication - March 2019

"It is important to understand a micro-credential is not a course. A micro-credential is documentation of skill competence earned through assessment by a content area expert. Competency may be developed through a variety of traditional and non-traditional experiences such as coursework, employment, workshops, conferences, independent research, professional learning networks, and collaboration with others.

To begin the process, a learner reviews available micro-credentials and selects those that align with his or her professional growth plan. Once a micro-credential has been selected, the learner is provided a detailed document outlining the skill's importance, the actions observable for skill mastery, resources to guide the participant's learning, a connection between the skill and published professional standards, a listing of the artifacts to be submitted by the learner, and the rubric that will be used by the assessor to evaluate mastery. Upon successful demonstration of competence, the learner is issued a digital badge which can be added to the individual's virtual or physical portfolio as well as his/her social networks."