The Exchange - Certification Transition from ECS to ELIS

By Arlin Peebles posted 03-06-2013 16:21

Below is a message from Dennis Williams, Educator Licensure Division - ISBE, and a link to view a webinar regarding the transition to the new licensure system:

I know you have all been very patiently waiting for any official information on the transition to the licensure system.  This link is for the first in a series that we hope to produce explaining different parts of the School Code and administrative rules.  I created this one on "The Exchange" with input from all of my colleagues and it was reviewed dozens of times.  Linda Tomlinson has approved it and, to the best of our knowledge, it is accurate.  You may access it at  You may use this presentation with others if you wish.  The format allows users to choose specific sections of the presentation in the index to the left of the screen.

Before you ask, the reason the link is residing on the IPA site is because they have the Brainshark account that we used to create this.  I anticipate ISBE purchasing the software in the future.  I want to thank Arlin Peebles at IPA who narrated the presentation for us.

There are many other questions regarding what the new system will require, but I want to caution you again because the Part 25 rules which were recently out for public comment have not yet been finalized and changes could occur.  Also, legislation must be passed to deal with the renewal of Professional Educator Licenses.  Therefore, what is in the presentation is what we know for right now and that is how it is presented.  It does not address scenarios, but provides the facts about the transition.  I hope you find it helpful. 

Dennis Williams
Educator Licensure Division
Illinois State Board of Education