Happy Principal Appreciation Day!

By Jason Leahy posted 10-23-2015 07:17


We Salute You!

(Our annual tribute to Illinois' school leaders)


Click here to view a special thank you from State Superintendent Dr. Tony Smith, IPA President Sean German, State Senator David Koehler, and others.


Thank you for constantly putting off your work to meet the needs of kids, parents, teachers, your superintendent and your community.


Thank you for going to work very early or leaving very late to get your work done... and to your families who give up too many nights and weekends with you as you work to positively impact the lives of many.

Thank you for eating while standing up... assuming that you get to eat at all.

Thank you for working with the parent who is overzealous and the parent who is absent. 

 Thank you for attending every school and community event imaginable.

 Thank you for your courageous persistence regardless of what the media or some big fat law created by people who haven't stepped into a classroom since they were 18, haven't seen the lack of resources you have, don't have the guts to do anything about it, and don't have a true understanding of the challenges your students really face has to say about the job you do.

Thank you for spending your own money on supplies and materials when your school doesn't have enough.


 Thank you for bringing shoes, gloves, coats, and supplies for kids whose families just can't afford them.

Thank you providing the safest place some kids will ever know.

Thank you for being a parent, counselor, and friend to children who have none.

  Thank you for being willing to make and stand behind tough decisions.


Thank you to Elementary Leaders for your bulletin boards, bright hallways and colorful rooms that spur on kids' creativity.

Thank you to Middle School Leaders for being there for one of life's greatest transitions.

 Thank you to High School Leaders for persistently working with the attitude of teenagers. Molded properly, that attitude will make them special.

  Thank you for being able to walk on water. :)


Thank you for molding, shaping, and weaving the very fabric of our society by the work you do with children every day. Our way of life and future depends on you. 


Thank you for being a provider of hope. Hope for those who thirst for it. Hope that uplifts. Hope that encourages. Hope that helps the hopeless make it for just one more day.


There is little doubt that you have some of the hardest jobs anywhere. But always remember, it is the hard that makes the job great, worthwhile, and meaningful. If it were easy, anyone could do it. Heed these words from Teddy Roosevelt. "No one who lived a life of ease was ever worth remembering."

Here's to you and leadership worth remembering!

 Thank You

Governor Rauner's Proclamation


IL Principal Appreciation Week/Day Press Release